The International Urban Geology Working Group was convened agreed in 1992 to develop the means of exchanging relevant geological information between those who are concerned with the urban environment. It commenced work within the Commission on Geological Sciences for Environmental Planning (CoGeoEnvironment) in 1993. Soon after, the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG) and the International Association for Hydrogeology (IAH) agreed to be joint sponsors of the Group. In 2004, the Group, then commencing its final cycle of activity, was transferred to the Commission on Geosciences for Environmental Management (GEM), with revised terms of reference. The Group formally concluded its activities in August 2008.

The original management team consisted of P C Grew (USA) in the chair, E F J de Mulder (Netherlands) vice-chair, and A S Howard (UK) secretary. Until 1995, IAEG was represented by M Langer (Germany), and IAH by D Lerner (UK). The chair passed to G H J McCall (UK), in 1995 and then to B R Marker (UK) in 1999 (until closure in 2008). A S Howard remained as Secretary until 2002.


In addition to the sponsor relationship to IAEG and IAH, links were established with UNESCO ESCAP and Commission 1 of IAEG (Engineering geological mapping). The Group has maintained close links with the Japanese Urban Geology Group and Urban Geology Africa.


Financial support and support “in kind” has been received at various times from IUGS, IAEG, IAH, UNESCO, the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, the Japanese Urban Geology Group, the Geological Society of Brazil and University of Campinas Brazil, and the School of Mines Zambia.